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  • Remotely turn engines off with the push of a button. (250, 500 or 1320 feet range option)
  • 3Built’s Remote Engine Shut-off Systems (RES) were developed to instantly cut the engine’s ignition system with the push of a button.
  • Can be installed on virtually any vehicle  (May need wiring diagram and relay kit for installation.)
  • Pressing the LOCK button on the remote activates a relay in the receiver that functions similar to the factory Off/Run switch.
  • Pressing the UNLOCK button releases the relay and allows the vehicle to be restarted. (Some kits have automatic unlock after 8 seconds to conserve battery power.)
  • Functions with Normally Open or Normally Closed type ignitions switches.
  • Each kit is individually coded from over a million possibilities so it will not affect another RES. Two or more RES units can be custom ordered to work on the same code. Multiple remotes for each receiver are also available.
  • We recommend disconnecting the power source to the RES by unplugging the included power connector to avoid draining the battery while not in use.
  • Always TEST your batteries and RES operation before each use.
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